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When I was a child in Turkey, I remember when the newborns were brought home from the hospital, and sometimes, before they even left the hospital, adults would attach a small evil eye pin on their onesies. "Tak, tak, tak!" (put it on! put it on! put it on!) the elderly would say with urgency to young mothers holding their babies. 

Attaching an evil eye pin didn't just end with newborns. The ocular amulet was always there at the start of every new and unknown journey. On the first day of every school year, my mother would ask me to wear an evil eye necklace under my school uniform or attach an evil eye pin under my collar.  She'd smile and say, "This will protect you." Now that I'm a mother, I finally understand that the evil eye was as much for her as it was for me.

Currently, with the state of our world, everything from wearing clothing that elevates our daily routines to holding on to the jewelry we wear as a protective talisman feels more necessary than ever. Our symbolic jewelry are a reminder of where you've been, where you are, and where you're headed in your unique journey. After all, what is more personal than our quest toward self-discovery, inner-peace, and strength? What we wear is meant become a creative expression of our identities and a reminder of our capacity to be challenged while recognizing our potential to grow.

When you wear one of our pieces, you are acknowledging that what you desire and who you want to become is already within you-  You are ready to declare it fearlessly as your own! 

The Founder, CEO

Somer Stay was founded by Nagehan. She was born in Turkey and spent her childhood in New York & New Jersey. She's a writer, designer, wife, mother. 

Somer Stay is a female founded and run small business. We believe that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. We work hard so you can sleep, live, and play in our ethically handmade and responsibly sourced products. If you're looking to bring in stylish and comfortable pieces into your wardrobe, or you're looking for jewelry that will join you in your journey of self-love, self-discovery, and self-expression, we're here to help. Thank you for being here! 

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